Studio SWEAT Customer Appreciation Month


Hey SWEATers!

We value you and we want to show you with our 2019 SWEATer Appreciation Month. All of these events are FREE for you. Those with an * mean you need to sign up to attend. Sign up by emailing and letting us know what class or workshop you would like to attend. Spots will fill up, so ya better sign-up now!

2/4 10:30AM TRX Workshop with Cat *

2/9  Complete Nutrition at The Studio with Samples

2/11 10:30AM Yoga & Deep Stretch with Jeanette *

2/12  6:30PM Self Care & Recovery Workshop with AJ *

2/23  10:30AM Nutrition 202: Intuitive Eating Workshop with Miriam *

2/25  10:30AM Tips for a Pain Free & Active Lifestyle with Dr. Ben Deluca and Dr. Donald Mull

Every Mon & Wed throughout February Bring Your Teen for Free Nights! Bring your 12-17 year old to either Monday’s 5:35PM or Wednesday’s 5:45PM class. Normal reservation policies apply, so sign them up like you sign yourself up, then we’ll take care of comping their class!

*Sign-up for the events or workshop(s) of your choice now by emailing with which ones you’d like to attend or if it’s within 5 days of the workshop you can use the button below to sign-up online!