Class Descriptions & Previews


StraightUp SPIN®

For those wanting an “regular” Spinning® Class when you look at our Class Schedule you’re going for look for classes called either “StraightUp Spin®” or “Spin®Core”. Spin®Core is just Spinning®, plus a few minutes of SOLID ABS! This high energy cycling class is a fun, energetic, and heart-pounding cardio workout great for all ages and fitness levels. Going at your own pace, but feeling motivated by high energy music, your trainer and peers, you’ll experience a highly efficient, total body workout that uses a calculated mixture of endurance and interval drills to optimize fat burn and muscle toning.


Cat always says, “More muscle means less fat.” That quote defines Studio SWEAT’s Spin®Sculpt hour where participants burn it up on the bike one minute, then hit the floor to pump it up the next. Hello ‘Right to BARE Arms.’


Combine a calorie torching Spin® class with an Attack on those Abs, and you’ll get a taste of Studio SWEAT’s exclusive recipe for a trim and tone body.

Road Fit

Experience all the delights of two hours of outdoor cycling condensed into a 55-minute, non-stop, indoor workout! When utilized properly, you will find that this ride can be more physically challenging than outdoor cycling. ‘Road Fit’ provides you with the ability to control the ride rather than having the road dictate what comes next. We flat-road ride, climb, and do breakaways when we want, for as long as we want. Come join us as we build our cycling base!

Boot Camp

Time to carve up that body! Your trainer will guide you through body sculpting strength training drills where the idea is… MORE MUSCLE, LESS FAT! Yep, firm it all up AND expect calorie crushing cardio blasts so you can actually see that muscle you worked so hard to build. Git it!


This class is for real! Get that body hot and sweaty with 30 minutes of calorie crushing riding, intermixed with about 25 minutes of targeted TRX® Training to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. The perfect combination of crazy fun cardio & core-driven, full body toning.


A core-powered, complete body sculpting workout using TRX® Suspension Training, along with other trainer favorite tools. Expect a total body workout, centered on core strength, and relying mostly on your body and free weight, instead of machines. The goal is a strong, solid, sexy body. Go git it!


Want that long & lean look? During this full hour class burn fat away with heart pumping cardio drills intermixed with body sculpting exercises using TRX® Suspension training. You’ll improve your strength, balance, and flexibility while dropping inches!

Stretch & Restore

This deep stretch class will improve joint flexibility, free stagnation in the muscle tissue, lubricate the joints and foster a quiet, meditative state. The class infuses dance and yoga inspired stretches with some intuitive movement. You will be asked to listen and feel what your body is requesting, and to adapt the stretches accordingly. This class is approximately 20 minutes and is appropriate for all levels.


Zumba Infusion baby! FUN, EASY, REPETITIVE, and good for ALL-LEVELS. Zumba and Hip Hop Dance Fitness is for adults of all ages, both men and women! It’s a great way to workout your mind & body without knowing you’re actually in a poppin’ dance party. Not only do you get a killer cardio workout, but you also dance, stretch, strengthen and build core power – all to the latest pop, hip hop, and Latin mixes while doing so. Let’s Party!