Update:  Jan 1, 2021

What’s New Highlights:

  • Saturday Spin – Will still be on the Patio outside for now.  |  Sign Up
  • More Spin Classes – Yassssssssss! We did add more Spin classes, but we can’t take a full class and we’re really not starting with very many, so I suggest you save your spot now. See more below and  |   Sign Up for Your Classes
  • Wednesday Weights with AJ – A new class I’ve been dying to add but needed to wait until we could go back inside.  |  Sign Up
  • Outdoor Bootcamps – We’re actually still keeping a lot on the schedule. They’re going well and I know you like them. So, there ya have it.  |  Sign Up
  • Safety Measures – We’ll be do everything we did to help keep you safe when re-opened for training before and we ask that you do the same. See more below.
  • Child Care – We have a sitter available for our Thursday Morning 9:15AM class only! | Learn More & Reserve Your Child Care Spot Here

Don’t forget to sign-up. Spots will sell out!

Online sign-ups are allowed 5 days before each class, but you can email reservations@studiosweat.com if you want to be signed up for classes further out than that.









  • YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN MAT TO EVERY PUTDOOR WORKOUT. We will supply all the equipment (same safety measures as before expected from all as far as wipe down), but we will not supply mats so we highly suggest that you bring your own. And maybe don’t wear your favorite lululemon if you’re worried they’ll get dirty.
  • Hand Towel
  • Water

HOW DO I SIGN UP?  The same way as usual (see below if you need steps).

CHILDCARE:   Thursday mornings only – reservations required – email reservations@studiosweat.com

RATES:  Same as usual. See below for more info.

Thanks guys,


To see the summer schedule please download our Studio SWEAT San Diego app or visit our website reservations page.



We’re so excited to bring you some new options, including the Weekly Warrior Plan, perfect for those that come 2 to 3 times per week.

The late cancellation and no-show fee for Monthly Maniac Plans is now $7.50


S.D. = Social Distancing.

How will class reservations work?  You can sign up for classes the same way you did before. Sign up through the Studio SWEAT San Diego app, our website, or by answering “yes” when we take role at the end of class. Before being able to reserve a class you will be required to sign an updated waiver. You should see this waiver pop-up when you try to reserve your first class (or first class back).

What’s the new address and how do I enter?  We are now at 16473 Bernardo Center Dr, San Diego, CA 92128.  Our main entrance is on the left side of the building. Look for the Studio SWEAT arrow!

Welcome 2 New Faces


Can I drop into a class?  Not until further notice. We do need you to reserve your spot, even if it’s from the parking lot before you walk into the studio.

Is capacity limited?  Yes, sure is. We will follow local leadership guidelines and requirements based on our space’s size and current situation in San Diego.

How do the “class workstations” work? We now have 3 rows of bikes. When facing the instructor, if you are to their right, please step off the right side of your bike. If you are on the left, please step off to the left.

  • Front Row Workstations – From your pedals forward and in front of your bike.
  • Middle Row Workstations – You get the entire length of your bike, plus as far forward as the pedals on the bike in front of you, and as far back as the back row bikes pedals.
  • Back Row – From your pedals back and behind your bike.

Visual Example

Will credits I had before the big move and pandemic work? Yep, they sure will, but if you were on an unlimited plan you will need to pick up a new plan. Your existing plan will be good through whatever date you last paid through though. For example, if your unlimited plan renewed on June 4, on July 5th you will need to pick one of the new programs as your “old” plan will be have been canceled.

Will the locker rooms be open for showers? Yes, but we ask that no more than 4 people be in the locker rooms at a time (don’t worry they’re huge) and that you do your best to give people their S.D. space.

Will there be child care during this phase of re-opening?  Note yet, but when it does here is how it will work. The deets are below. Mind you it may change.

  • We will have child care for the 9:15AM Thursday class only.
  • You must email @reservations@studiosweat.com to let us know when you’re coming and we will save you a spot for your child(ren)
  • Reservations need to be made 12 or more hours prior to class start time
  • We are only taking up to 4 kids per session
  • We are asking parents to use the “elevator entrance” to bring in their kiddos, keeping them out of our main studio areas as much as possible
  • Temperature checks will be required for children, and parents that bring in children
  • Electronic waivers are required for each child that comes in
  • If you have an older child (10 and up) that you want to bring in that does not need childcare we must also have an electronic waiver for them. They cannot enter the premises without that. They (and you) also still need temperature checks and they can only sit in the childcare room if there are less than 4 children in there. The childcare room is the only room older kids can hang out for now.

What is the cancellation policy? 24 hours in advance, just like before. See here for more info on that.

What are some of the things Studio SWEAT is doing to keep a healthy safe S.D. friendly environment during this phase of re-opening?

  • Disinfecting high touch surfaces before and after every class
  • Spacing classes out to 30 or more minutes between each
  • Increasing janitorial and cleaning protocols
  • Performing required staff training on Safety Protocols
  • Created Personal Workout Stations to allow for 6 feet social distancing
  • Requiring all clients to sign special agreements to help keep the environment safe and their peers comfortable
  • Providing cleaning wipes and disinfectant spray for clients to use on equipment before and after use.
  • Providing hand sanitizer in many places
  • Not using shared equipment for classes, like stations
  • Set room maximum occupancies
  • Encouraging customers to bring their own weights/mats/bands (which they must sanitize upon arrival)
  • Creating a no drop-in policy, all students must reserve their spot before entering the studio
  • Encouraging customers to wear masks when not working out
  • Opening up our many many doors to provide lots of fresh air
  • And more!

What are you, as a customer coming in, expected to do while we are in this phase of re-opening? If you don’t comply, not only are you putting yourself and others at risk, but you’re also putting us at risk of getting shut down. We do have some high-risk clients that we REALLY want to keep healthy, so please do your part. Here’s what we need you to agree to.

Required Pre-Cautionary Policies to Enter Studio SWEAT Until Further Notice To Prevent the Spread of Viruses Like CoVid19

  • Use hand sanitizer provided when entering and exiting the studio
  • Not make any physical contact with other members
  • Abide by posted room maximums
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes (not more) before your class start time in order to wipe down the equipment you will use for your workout
  • Immediately upon arriving wipe any equipment you will use for your workout with the disinfectant we provide
  • Leave within 15 minutes of your class end time
  • Post-workout immediately disinfect any equipment that you used with the disinfectant we provide
  • Sign-up for classes 30 or more minutes before class start times (no dropping in)
  • Not come in if you or anyone in your household has or has recently shown any cold or flu-like symptoms, including but not limited to a fever
  • If you bring in your own equipment you must disinfect it with tools we provide upon arrival
  • Clients are encouraged to wear facial masks over their mouths and noses when not working out
  • It is still BYOHT (bring your own hand towel), but do not bring in pre-used towels. Fresh clean, un-unused towels only, please.

Lobby/Personal Training Zone

Cycling Room