New Open Studio 24/7 Membership Option!

We’re so excited to announce a new option at Studio SWEAT called the Open Studio 24/7 Membership. This exciting new option starts…now!

If you are an Open Studio 24/7 it means we give you a keyfob which gives you 24/7 access to use Studio SWEAT! You and your other Studio SWEAT member friends can ride, lift, and stretch using our beautiful studio and our plentiful fitness equipment 24/7! Now of course there are some limitations like:

  • You must be an active client at Studio SWEAT to be eligible.
  • When classes, private training, and filmings are going on they take priority when it comes to equipment and room usage.
  • Mon/Wed/Fri between 1 and 3 the janitor crew comes in to keep the place squeaky clean so no members can enter during those times.
  • We’re limiting the number of memberships we allow so the experience stays boutique.

  Open Studio 24/7 Member Rates

— Key FOBs are a *one-time charge of $14.99 and then…

  • Active Monthly Maniac Members  – Additional $24.99/mo
  • Active Weekly Warrior 3x Per Week Members – Additional $39.99/mo
  • Active Weekly Warrior 2x Per Week Members – Additional $49.99/mo
  • Other (meaning those not on a recurring membership plan) – $99/mo

*Replacement key fobs are also $14.99 so try not to lose it.

How Do I Get My Key Fob Once I Buy My Membership?

Once you purchase your membership please watch for an email from us to set a time for you to pick up your access key fob!

Policies & Guidelines Agreement All Open Studio SWEAT 24/7 Members Must Agree To

By purchasing an Open Studio Membership I understand that I am agreeing to all of the following:

  • For the safety of all members and staff, I will not open any doors in the facility without staff permission and assistance.
  • For the safety of all members and staff, I will not bring in any other persons, even if they are also an open studio member. Each person must always swipe their own key fob to enter and enter one at a time.
  • If there is a group class, filming or private training going I will not use equipment or areas needed for the class, training or filming. We will do our best to keep a schedule of scheduled group classes and filmings available online and posted in-studio.
  • Any equipment I use will be cleaned and returned where and how I found it (or better), so I will be mindful of how things are kept before using them.
  • I will not move bikes or other larger pieces of equipment without staff member approval and assistance.
  • I will keep my showers to 5 minutes or under and clean up after myself (including hair in the drain).
  • I will always ensure the door locks behind me when leaving the facility if a staff member is absent.
  • I am aware that there are cameras throughout the facility and that they cannot be tampered with.
  • I will carefully handle all equipment and if I accidentally break something I will immediately contact ownership, and I know I may be responsible for paying for any items I damage.
  • In order to respect my fellow Open Studio members, I agree to share equipment with others in the facility at the same time.
  • In order to respect my fellow members I will only use personal listening devices (i.e. headphones) to listen to music on my own while cycling or working out please use private headphones.
  • With the exception of water, I will not consume food or drink in the studio.
  • I will not smoke in or near the facility, including pens or e-cigarettes.