March Madness Challenge

Challenge Check-Offs

Take 12 or More (ex: 3/week) Studio SWEAT classes in March!

Bonus Challenge:

Get entered into the Raffle for Each Bonus Challenge Completed

  • Bonus 1: Get a 2-a-day (Double Day) Workout in.
  • Bonus 2: Make one of your Workouts a Bootcamp, Weights 60 or TRX Class.
  • Bonus 3: Bring a New Friend in to take a class at Studio SWEAT.


There is no cost to participate, but, no…the classes are not free. 🙂 We do have a special for March Madness though for those that would like to save a little green, get it…green, cuz it’s Mar…nvm. 😂 You can buy it at the front desk, in the app, or online. 

March Madness Special: 12 Workouts for only $139 – That’s like 30% Off! 

*Class credits must be used Mar 1st – 31st 

To Sign Up:  

Write your name on the Challenge Board in the studio, or just email and we’ll add you ourselves! 

Raffle for Prizes for Those that Successfully Complete the Challenge! Class Passers Welcome to Participate in Challenge! 

Prizes Include:

  • Join a Private Small Group Training Sesh!
  • NEW SPD Clips for your Spin Shoes.
  • SWEAT Beanie or Fanny Pack & More!