Yoga Pop-Up Sessions!!


Have you been wanting to add yoga to your workout routine!?! Looking to increase your flexibility and improve mobility!?! Join Studio SWEAT Trainer, Angela Davies, for a 50-min Yoga Flow practice at Studio SWEAT. In the class, participants will flow through traditional yoga postures while you match breathing to movement and focus on core strength, flexibility, and balance. Unlock your inner Zen to face the day!

What Dates are the 8:00 AM Pop-Up Classes?

  • Tues, March 16
  • Thur, March 16
  • Sun, March 19
  • Thur, March 23
  • Sun, Mar 26


How Much Does Each Class Cost?

  • The same as any other Studio SWEAT class, so you can attend for free if you’re a monthly maniac member, use your existing class-pack or weekly warrior credits

Can Class Passers Come to the Pop-Up Classes?

  • If there are spots open, yes!

What Should I Bring

  • We advise you to bring your own exercise mat because ours are not as long as a traditional Yoga mat, but you’re welcome to borrow one of ours if you forget yours
  • Water & hand towel for sweat
  • Optional
    • Mat towel cover
    • Tools like blocks if you would like them

Will the Room be Heated?

  • Yes. Yes. Yes!!! All the Yesses. Remember our space used to be Hot Yoga so we will crank the heaters, but not so high that you can’t breathe. Just the right amount. :)