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NEW 45 Minute Kettlebell HIIT Class Tuesdays @9:30AM




Sign up using the menu options “Studio Classes – Reserve”, through the Studio SWEAT smart phone app,  or you can email reservations@studiosweat.com!

Build muscle faster with the all NEW Studio SWEAT Kettlebell HIIT workout. You asked and we listened!  This 45 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class will, of course, always include a warm up and cool down, but between those expect an intense 30 plus minutes of strength and cardio bursts centered around the classic kettlebell as our exercise tool of choice!   Your body will burn calories and fat far longer throughout the day with the proven HIIT method.

Each class will never be the same, and neither will your body! Weight gloves recommended, but not required.


We Moved!

We just moved right next door at 10806 Willow Court, Suite 2, San Diego, CA 92127.

Parking:  Right in front of the building there are plenty of spots AND if you drive around to the back side of the building and you see our bay door open you can come through our rear entrance because it drops you right into the cycling room!  The rear entrance is only open Monday through Friday though and if you see the bay door closed pull back around front and go through the main entrance.  

Locker Rooms:  Should be ready by the mid October.  YAY!  Until then we will not have shower facilities, but we will have a place where you can change if you ask us.


New Studio SWEAT custom app!

We just built a super new cool Studio SWEAT custom app that allows you to check class schedule, sign up for classes, see your class schedule, buy class credits, and more!


We just built a super new cool Studio SWEAT custom app that allows you to check class schedule, sign up for classes, see your class schedule, buy class credits, and more!





The dude instructors (Mike & Brian) lead COUPLE’s (any 2 people same household) NIGHT where you get a FREE CLASS added to your account EVERY TIME!


EARN a FREE CLASS!  For every couple that comes to either the Thursday 4:30PM Spin®Sculpt or 6:30PM Spin®Core class gets a free class added to their account.  Not one each, one total.  A couple means any two people from the same household; Mother & Son, Sisters, Husband & Wife, Etc.  This is not a one time thing.  This is until further notice!


You can sign up on-line, email your reservation request to reservations@studiosweat.com, or just drop in!


Introducing “SWEAT Six”


Sweat Six Flyer JPG January


How it Works  

Yoga Six are experts at what they do, Yoga.  Studio SWEAT are experts at what we do, kickin’ Cardio and Strength Training Workouts.  We are only 1 mile apart with studios built to give you the best experiences for your workout of the day!

  • Get 24 Workouts (up to 12 per studio) per month with your “SWEAT Six Monthly” pass by clicking here to sign up, by emailing reservations@studiosweat.com to say you want to try the SWEAT Six Monthly, or you can stop by the front desk next time you’re in!  You’re SWEAT Six Monthly begins the day you sign up for it.  Next Re-bill date is on the same day the following month, unless you cancel, which you can do anytime!  No commitment beyond 1 month at a time!
  •  For the “SWEAT Six (6) Pack of classes enjoy a one time offer per customer for 50% off 6 Classes (Normally $120) at Yoga Six!!!  You just pick up a “SWEAT SIX” business card from Studio SWEAT (check the front desk and on top of the red cubbies) which you then present at Yoga Six and they will get you all set!

Checkout studio information and class schedules at http://yogasix.com/4s-ranch and https://www.studiosweat.com now!



New Online Class Reservation System

We’re so excited to offer this incredible new web site experience and online reservation system for our awesome Studio SWEAT existing and new clientele!

I thought I’d offer you some FAQs we anticipate you’ll have so see below. Please be patient with us as we go through this transition and know we’re doing our best to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible. In the end we’re sure everyone will love it.

What kind of things can I do on the new web site & online reservations system?

  • Create & Check your own Studio SWEAT personal account where you
    • View Credits Remaining
    • Make & View Purchases (beginning from today forward)
    • Sign up for and cancel classes online 24/7
    • View Class Registrations & History (beginning from today forward)
  • View Class Availability
  • View Class Previews & Description
  • And More!

How far in advance can I sign up for a class online, at the studio, or by calling in?

5 days before each class date/time, however we will still advance register those in their regular classes if you indicate you’d like us to (see below for more details). Our preference is people use the online reservations system for class changes whenever possible.

In the new system if I am signed up for a class, but do not show up will I be charged a credit?

If you have not taken yourself off the class list or asked us to do so, then yes, a credit will be automatically removed. We could have filled that spot or had the option to cancel the class if the number signed up was low, so it’s important we know whenever possible if you can’t make it. Remember, it’s very easy for everyone online to see which classes they are signed up for, to add, and to cancel classes so that should help.

How do I know which Classes I’m signed up for?

You can also go to “My Account” online (top right hand corner of the web site), then view your Schedule and Visit History.

Can I add myself or can you guys add me to a wait list for a class that’s full?

Yes! Be careful here though because if you are on the wait list for a class and you get in and no show you will be charged a credit. How it works is… if the class start time is more than 24 hours away you will be systematically emailed that you got in and you will be expected to show. We do NOT wait for you to confirm. You are considered in so if you no show, a credit is taken.

If the class start time is less than 24 hour away, you are asked to confirm and will get a personal email from us asking if you want in. If you confirm with us you want the spot, we will add you to the class list. If you do not show at that point the system will still take a credit.

Will I still be offered a spot in a class I am a regular in for the following week’s class at the conclusion of each class?

Yes, we will still ask you at the end of each class if you’d like us to pre-register you for the following week’s class. If you say yes, then we will! You will get a reminder email the day before each class you are signed up for. YAY!

Will you still send out Full Class Alerts:

Yes and No, You will get a reminder email the day before your class, but it won’t tell you if it’s a full class or not. It just notifies you that you are signed up. So if you canNOT make it, go in and cancel on-line or email reservations@studiosweat.com to let us know.

What is the Cancellation Policy

You must cancel class reservations & trainings 24 hours or more in advance of the class or training START TIME for it to be considered an “early cancel”, meaning guaranteed no charge. If the class start time is more than 24 hours out you can cancel online or by emailing reservations@studiosweat.com. This is considered an “early cancel” and you will not be charged a credit.

If you do not cancel within 24 hours of the class/training start time, it is considered a “late cancel”. If you “late cancel” or do not show up for class (a “no show”), a class credit is taken by default. If you are a “late cancel” for a full class and we are able to fill your spot, we will override the system so you are not charged. For classes that are not full if you late cancel on-line and you do not want charged just follow up the cancellation by emailing reservations@studiosweat.com or calling us at (858) 485-0234 to let us know, then we will go into the system and change you to an “early cancel” so you are not charged, but it is UP TO YOU to reach out to us to have us go make the change. Capiche!?!

How will I know if I get into a class I asked to be signed up for “next” week.

You can go on-line under “My Account” anytime to see you Class Schedule, as well as classes you are on wait lists for.

Do you still offer the option to “Pay to Hold” my spot if I’m out a week

If you want to cancel a class, but you do not want to lose your spot for the following week we will still offer the “Pay to Hold” option, but you must let us know BEFORE you cancel, that that is what you would like. Explain PTH. You can let us know by telling us in person or emailing reservations…

Will you still email us when we’re low or out of credits.

Yep! We sure will.

Can I still use paypal?

Nope, this option is gone, but you can securely store your credit card information in our new system when you make a purchase so you don’t have to enter it when you make your next online purchase.

What if I have a question you didn’t answer?

Please email reservations@studiosweat.com, or ask us when you’re next in. We’ll be there for ya!