New Unlimited Classes DEALS!

We are so excited to offer you these new options to SWEAT & SAVE!


Unlimited Studio SWEAT Classes Standard Plan     $44.75/week

LET ME DO THE MATH FOR YOU.  If you take, or would like to take, on average, 3 or more classes per week, then you will likely save $ AND get awesome results and benefits with this plan.  Plus then you don’t even deal with knowing where you are with class credits.  If you know you’ll always take 2 or less per week, then it may not be the right plan for you.  

With this exciting new plan you get:

  • Start any day of the month you’d like!SpeedSpin®18 - Base Building Blocks
  • Truly Unlimited Classes for an individual. Yep, enjoy and benefit from any class on the class schedule with no limitations!
  • 10% off regularly priced retail merchandise
  • Unlimited Child Care for only $20 extra /mo (auto re-billed and of course, only at the times we currently offer child care services)
  • A special place in our hearts <3

Your unlimited classes begin on the date of purchase and will re-bill every 4 weeks.  There is a minimum 12 week commitment with this option, but after that, it’s just like month to month and you can cancel anytime!

You can drop into classes, but we recommend that you Sign-up to guarantee a spot. Classes do fill fast and we do not guarantee Unlimited Clients spots in every class they want. The same sign-up and cancellation policies for class sign-ups apply to all clients, unlimited or not.  This includes a “no show” and “late cancel” fee at the current “no show” rate being charged to your card if you no show for a class that you are signed up for.  Currently that fee is $7.50.

Upgrade to PREMUIM Status for an extra… ONLY $49/mo!goldstamp2

With this smokin’ deal you get:

  • All of the above +
    • 15% off all regularly priced retail merchandise
    • Unlimited Child Care for NO extra cost (only at the times we currently offer child care services)
    • 1 Free Guest Pass Every Month! To collect this, please email when you need one. NOTE: These do NOT roll over to the following 4 weeks.
    • A special place in our hearts. <3
    • Family Member in the Same Household Get Upgraded to Premium for FREE! If you add a family member for $99 to your Standard Plan they will also be considered as “Premium” as long as you share a locker. If you each want your own locker we will add the current rate for a monthly locker rental.  Please Contact if you want to add a 3rd or 4th family member.