Why Studio SWEAT

Studio SWEAT is where you go to get it done, but have fun.

It’s a no-drama zone where you work hard, but have a blast along the way so you want to come back. It’s a place with friendly faces that make you feel welcome. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, how young or old you are, or how fit you are. You can do this. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but nothing good really ever is. And Studio SWEAT workouts… they are absolutely incredible.

So, do it, take a chance. Believe and achieve! You’ll see you’re capable of more than you think. You’ll see yourself getting stronger, leaner, fitter, and more confident.

The trainers at Studio SWEAT are inspiring, they truly are.

They motivate you by driving hard themselves and pushing you to achieve your peak performance. Yes, YOUR peak performance, meaning, it’s you vs. you people. Now don’t get me wrong, we foster healthy competition, but the ultimate goal is to make you proud of you. Check your attitude and work ethic, because if you think you can, you’re right; If you think you cannot, you’re right.

If you take care of yourself, you’re going to be better equipped to take care of those you love.

Do this for you. Be healthy. Be fit. Want to get fit. Be willing to get out of your comfort zones so you can see where and be where the magic happens. We won’t waste your time at Studio SWEAT, and we don’t want you to waste ours. Come to your class or training and give it all you’ve got and we will return the favor! All the classes and trainings focus on building lean body mass and torching away fat. When you’re hour is done you should always, ALWAYS look like you just got dowsed by a firehose. That’s right, we just want to make you SWEAT!

Where we SWEAT

Studio SWEAT

16483 Bernardo Center Dr
San Diego, CA 92128
Phone: 858.485.0234
Email: reservations@studiosweat.com

“As you can see, we’re really not that serious!”

Things we DO have

Specialized Group Fitness Trainings & Classes

Where the goal is to combine fat-torching cardio with body sculpting exercises so you burn fat, sculpt the body, improve strength, flexibility & balance, and just get that FIT feeling! We offer TRX®Trainings, World Famous Specialty Spin® Classes, and Incredible Full Body Workouts in the form of Small Group Trainings.

Class reservations are no extra cost

So you know you will be able to take the class you came to take.

Personal Training

The Best Certified Trainers & Instructors where we know our stuff and where get results. We understand the workouts matter and we design incredible workouts, but we also teach you what you need to do on your own in the kitchen. That’s half the battle. We get that.

…Things we DON’T have

  • Monthly Memberships Dues
  • Waiting In Line
  • Under-qualified Trainers