Get Started

Getting started at Studio SWEAT is simple! Whether you’re taking a Spin® class, a Weights 60 Workout, or a Special Training, you can get started in a few easy steps!

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Other Tips

  • If you’re new to Spinning® or want to know more about the basics, watch our video called the Beginner Spinner®.

When It’s Class Time

  • Go to class and HAVE A BLAST! Plan on being there for about 90 minutes for your first session because you’ll want to come 15 to 20 minutes early to make sure you are set up and know where everything is, and then a few minutes afterward for a quick recap of options for when you return for your next class.
  • Grab some water and a hand towel to bring, then when you show up for your first class, let the front desk know it’s your first time and we’ll be happy to show you around and get you started.