Studio Sweat Trainers in Push up PoseIs my first class free?

For locals interested in becoming regulars at Studio SWEAT we offer your first class free. If you are not local or you know it’s a one-time visit please purchase a drop-in class or class pack.

Are reservations required and how do I sign up for a class?

Yes and no. Normally reservations are not required, but with limited space, reserving your spot in a class is highly recommended. Reservations can be made by using our Online Reservations System. If you just drop in there is no guarantee you’ll get in the class.

How far in advance can I make a reservation?

5 days in advance. The people in a class will have the first chance to reserve their spot for the following week’s class, and then that class will be open to others on a first-come, first-serve basis. At the end of each class we take role and ask who wants on the same class next week and we pre-enroll those people. Any other spots go open for online open registration the following day.

If I’m on the waitlist for a class, when will I know if I get in?

There is not a set time, unfortunately. When someone on a class cancels their spot the first person on the waitlist is bumped in and automatically notified over email. The exception to that is when a cancelation comes in in 24 hours or less before the class start time. When that happens we usually text or call the first person on standby to confirm they want the open spot. In other words, it’s not automatic because we want to make sure you can still make it when it’s so close to go time.

Do class packs expire?

Yep, but not until 6-months after purchase. We do often make exceptions for out-of-town guests though.

Do you have Spin only classes?

Our Spin Core classes are really just a fat-torching pure Spin class with a few minutes of abs peppered in, most often at the end of the hour. We have not found a person yet that doesn’t want this, so for you hardcore “I just want to Spin!”ners, SpinCore is the right class for you. We tried doing just Spin, but EVERYONE pushed back and said, “Really! No Core?  C’mon!”. Therefore we give you what you want.

Which heart rate straps work with our Spinning® Computers and heart rate system?

Every Studio SWEAT bike is equipped with a Spinning computer, so you can see your RPMs, time, distance, etc. You can also sync your heartrate device to the computer if it has Ant + technology (which most do).
We also use the MyZone Heart rate system to display data like your heart’s beats per minute, your heart rate zones, and total calorie burn.

Do I have to have special shoes for Spin classes, and if I have biking shoes will they work in your pedals?

No special shoes are required, but all our bikes do support the *SPD Clip/Cleat Pedal system. One side of the pedal is just a toe cage for regular shoes and the other side has the SPD Clip.  And now we have several bikes with “Look” clips available as well!

Cancelation Policy

Because our classes often have waitlists you must cancel class reservations & trainings 24 hours or more in advance of the class/training START TIME. If you do not cancel within 24 hours, it is considered a “late cancel”. If you late cancel or do not show up for class (a “no show”), a class credit is systematically taken. If you are a late cancel and there is a waitlist AND we were able to fill your spot, a credit will not be taken. For those on the Unlimited Plans late cancellations are subject to the current cancellation fee.  If you want or need to cancel within the 24-hour window you can still try to see if it’s possible by emailing reservations@studiosweat.com or calling us at (858) 485-0234, but no guarantees you won’t be charged for the late cancel. Sorry, Charlie. ☹

What is your refund/transfer policy?

At Studio SWEAT we value your business and your commitment. We equally value the commitment of our trainers and instructors. Therefore, we have a simple NO REFUND policy. When you commit, we commit. And we want you to follow through! While we will not provide refunds or allow transfer of purchases to other parties, if you change your mind on a particular type of training or class, please ask our staff for potential exchanges for other class or training options.

Do you have showers and/or areas to change?

We do have beautiful new locker rooms with showers and lockers!

Do you have childcare available?

We do! Please click here to learn more.

Do you have student, senior, or active military discounts?

For active military members, senior citizens 65 & older, and students 22 & under we do offer a 10% discount on several service options, like an unlimited month of classes or a 10 class pack.  It is not good for any retail products, and is not available for all service offerings though so email us at reservations@studiosweat.com if you have specific questions or would like to request this discount and we will let you know!