Studio SWEAT Fit Camp

Super-Charged Fit Camp

Sat Oct 5 – Wed Oct 30.


What is it?: Just think of it as a NO EXCUSES Fit Camp. I’m only taking like 16 people.

How to Sign-up: If you want a spot just email and I’ll charge your card on file and hold your spot! I’m not doing online sign-ups because I do want to make sure that anyone that wants to do the program is a good fit.

Trainer: Cat, Cat & More Cat 🙂

Days/Times: 12 workouts over ~4 weeks, Sat Oct 5 – Wed Oct 30. We will meet:

  • Monday Mornings at 530AM (I have not decided yet if I will cancel my class or get a sub for the regularly scheduled class),
  • Wednesday evenings at 6:50PM (it’s just one night, you can do it!) and
  • Saturday Mornings at 630AM (Sat. is subject to change, but this is the latest I believe we will start)

Cost: $175.  50% off that ($87.50) if you are already on the annual or unlimited plan and maintain the unlimited plan throughout all of Oct.


  • If you have to miss a training you can make it up by attending a regularly scheduled class, but it cannot be a class that is sold out and you have to get pre-approval from me please.
  • All makeups must be done during (not before or after) camp dates (Oct 5-30)
  • We will be running (but you don’t have to be a runner – we won’t do more than a couple miles at a time, and even that will be an exception, most the running will be shorter distances), we will be squatting and we will be having a BLAST!
  • No refunds. No exceptions. So be ready to commit, and I will too.
  • Use the time between now and Oct 5 to gradually build up your fitness base a little. It’s already really good so you don’t have to do this, but maybe for those that don’t run add in a jog or two per week.
  • We will add some nutrition component to this, but it will be optional to do. BUT… if you say you’re gonna do it you will be held accountable!

If you have any questions, LMK.

Let’s do this!