Success Story by Marissa Lee

I wanted to share with you my personal story. My picture is showing three images of the change in my body over the last 7 years:

1) I’m 30
2) I’m 36, just returning to work after having my second daughter and only  a few months away from my first Studio Sweat class
3) I just turned 38 and have been with studio sweat for a little over a year.

In high school I was an athlete and naturally thin.

I never had to work hard to stay thin. I even gained the freshman 15  during college but dropped it quickly without much effort.  However, in my thirties and getting pregnant with my first daughter, I struggled with depression as I felt that I lost a part of me and didn’t recognize the person in the mirror anymore. I was able to lose some weight in between my pregnancies but still found it difficult to find me .  During that time I had tried Orange Theory and barre but neither felt like the right fit.  After my second child and knowing I needed  something to change, I googled “spin Rancho Bernardo” and Studio Sweat appeared.  My first week of classes (sitting in the back row) with Rebecca, Jessica S and Meredith W were tough but encouraging. A year and half later with my front row seat, I feel more confident and energetic. I have a 5:30 am family where I’m not mom or wife or boss, I’m me.

Please know that Studio Sweat and its team is truly special and I’m so thankful to be a part of its community.