Success Story by Hollan Mcbride

When I moved from UTC to Rancho Bernardo and had to leave the Sporting Club behind, I was sad! I loved that club — especially relaxation near the pool, cabanas, access to the massage and facials. It always felt like I was working out then going on vacation. Enough of what I miss, now that I found this new club … I am living in the present again. No regrets.

We’re not comparing apples to apples … okay?

This new club is about SWEAT. These spin classes rock! The bikes are the latest and greatest spinning bikes. You can clip in or wear your tennies. The instructors are fantastic, Cat and Meredith.

I must qualify that there isn’t a shower, jacuzzi, massage, facials, pool … just a great place to workout!

Not only are there awesome spin classes available like Spin Sculpt which will kick your a**. There is Boot Camp and 1/2 Marathon Training. For the ligher hearted, there is Pilates.

This club is the answer to my dreams … no more weight woes. I take spin three times a week. Even signed up for the 1/2 Marathon training. Ayayay. What did I get myself into?

They are supportive and motivational.

No membership fees or contracts. You pay when you go. Also, I like their system, people who go to class get priority to sign up for the next weeks’ class. If you reserved a space, it is saved for you. No worrying about whether there’ll be space for you.

One last draw, there are some options for your kiddo’s. I bring my daughter. She plays in a separate room while I work out.

Call Cat and get more info. It’s totally worth driving to Studio Sweat from anywhere in San Diego.