Success Story by Joy S.

Dear Cat:

Ever since Fit Camp ended, I have been thinking about how much I want to thank you and Mere for being outstanding leaders for the Camp.  I have never had so much fun working out with a group of people.

Everyone, including me, has a weekly schedule that is chock full of obligations, but every week I really looked forward to going to Fit Camp.  I thought about why I loved attending Fit Camp and wanted to share with you my observations.

First of all, you and Mere have more energy than anyone else I know.  You and your entire team are ready to dedicate your time and effort to training us and it really shows.  I am in the service industry so I can recognize stellar service when I see it; all of you are giving 100% and it makes us want to work really hard, even when we feel like dying.

Secondly, your team is very welcoming to everyone – – it is intimidating for someone like me, who hasn’t worked out in a long time and feels embarrassed about her body, to start working out again, especially in a gym filled with beautiful people.  But I immediately felt encouraged by you and your staff.  Each person I have encountered at the gym is positive and helpful.

Thirdly, the ones who participated in Fit Camp have the most fun personalities and are in the top 1% of genuinely nice people.  It is exciting to show up and work out with good people who have hardworking attitudes.  I felt inspired hanging around the likes of LaShawn and Neil and many others.  It was a great group and we shared so much laughter.

Finally, your theme of “you versus you” is the best outlook for all of us.  Every week I had to battle myself and I needed to feel that way.  Now that I have learned the “you versus you” mentality, I tell my kids the same thing.

I appreciate you and your team so much.  I feel very grateful to all of you and you will see me again!