Success Story by Meredith Gant

I’m not one for gushing praises and I’ve never written a review before. But given the fact that Studio Sweat has totally changed my life, I wanted to share my story.

I’m a mom. A stay at home mom with three young children. To say that my life is crazy is an understatement. And my time is precious. Studio Sweat understands that and their instructors know how to make every minute count.

For many, many years I worked out at the gym – sometimes with a trainer, sometimes in a group class and sometimes on my own. And for most of those years, I saw little change. Sure I could lose an extra 5 pounds for a big event by starving myself and spinning every day. But I was at a plateau; I was in a rut and didn’t even know it. Studio Sweat brought me out of that rut and introduced me to a new level of fitness. I learned more about working out, nutrition and sports medicine in six months than I did in six years with LA Fitness (or any other gym I’ve been a member of over the years). The workouts are short, intense, effective and progressive – perfect for those with little time on their hands.

Working out at a smaller studio has many benefits, the best being the personal attention you receive. Studio Sweat’s owner, Cat, is the most knowledgeable trainer I’ve ever come across and she’s always available to answer questions and provide advice.

It’s like having your own personal trainer 24/7. Another amazing thing about Cat, and the other instructors at the studio, is that they train a class with a range of fitness levels and provide each and every person with exactly what they need. In addition, the instructors hold you accountable (although maybe that’s a negative – LOL!!). They don’t ever accept excuses, they push you as far as you can go and motivate you through the entire workout.

Studio Sweat is more than just a gym – it’s a lifestyle. And it’s an extremely supportive and motivating family. I’m so happy to be a part of it.