Studio SWEAT Fit Camp

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We’re so excited to announce that…

Fall Fit Camp Session Sign-ups are on Now!

The 4 Week Camps begin Tuesday, September 12

Buy Fit Camp Now

Returning Fit Camp use promo code VetFall2017 on checkout to get your $50 discount.

Fit Camp is

4 weeks dedicated to you.  Studio SWEAT Fit Camp is an incredible fitness program that offers small group full body trainings, nutrition counseling/challenges, and dedicated time to work with experienced, knowledgeable personal trainers (in a smaller group environment) as they guide you through fun & energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, drop size(s), get stronger, train with the best trainers, or just improve your life… this is the program for you.

When is the Fit Camp?

The next program will begin on September 12th.  The last day is Saturday, October 7th, and it’s gonna be a blast!

Training times:

Tuesdays 6:45PM (Trainer Mere W) & Thursdays at 6:45PM (Trainer Cat).  

PLUS Both Teams:

Meet Saturdays at 7:00AM (Trainers Mere W & Cat)  

How much does it cost?

  • $225
  • $50 off promo code available for Fit Camp Veterans. Veterans use promo code VetFall2017 on checkout.

How do I sign up?

Just pay to play.  If you see the payment option missing it’s because it is sold out or sign-ups have not begun for the next session! Buy Fit Camp Now

What do you get as a  Studio SWEAT Fit Camp Participant?

Killer Body Carving SWEAT Style Workouts

3 Body Sculpting workouts per week are included in the 4 week Camp!  Yipee!).

A Team!

We are bringing back the concept of Team! I’ve seen incredible comradery and friendships form though this program. It’s amazing. See the “When” section to see the team options.

Fun, Fresh, and Local Outdoor Field Trips

Expect a few local fun field trips!  [/last-one-half]

Closing Ceremonies!

Gotta celebrate and honor your success!  More details to come.

Before & After Measurements.

Yep, we’re bringing these back!  Anyone that wants us to do before and after measurements can get them.  This is optional, but suggested!


If I miss a workout can I make it up?

We can try to help you makeup a missed workout by coming to another trainer’s class, but only if the class is not full. So we just need to pre-approve the makeup day/time.  Oh, and all make-ups have to be done BEFORE this session ends.  We also are okay with people making up workouts they know they’ll miss in advance if we can find a time that works!  Contact if you want to make up a workout you missed.

Who can participate?

Men and women of ANY fitness level. If you haven’t worked out in a while (or ever) we can help you get started. If your fitness level is moderate or intensely high, trust me, you’ll get challenged and take your game to an entirely new level. Get your adventure started!