About Josh

I grew up in West Linn, Oregon (which is a small suburb of Portland).  I enjoyed playing sports growing up (swimming, baseball, bowling) though I was not fantastic at any of them.  I never was terribly committed to fitness and exercise when I was younger.

After high school, I joined the Marine Corps and spent just over seven years on active duty.  I got to “see the world” (to be fair, I had never been on an airplane or even out of the Pacific Time Zone prior to that).  Despite deploying 4 times, San Diego County was where I was stationed and had basically become home. I was fortunate to find a full-time job here after I transitioned out of the Marine Corps.

Like a lot of people, my post-military life was busy and I struggled to keep a regular workout routine for about 10 years.  After going to the doctor, I found out that I was quite a bit overweight and was headed towards a life of medications.  I knew a change was needed.

My wife and I started working on our diet as well as working out at home with Beachbody® workouts like Insanity and P90X and that helped to get the weight down and get healthier.  After a while, a neighbor of ours encouraged my wife to try out Studio Sweat.  And eventually, I came too.  Safe to say, we have always felt at home here.

After watching my wife be successful and happy to teach, and after realizing that helping train people at my work was the most rewarding part of my job, I decided to get certified in 2022.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience so far and getting to bring my own personality along with all the experience from working with the other fantastic instructors past and present.

In addition to Spin®, I also enjoy resistance training, running, and hiking. I am a father of 3 (1 son, 2 daughters) and have been married since 2007.

Favorite Workout Jams

  • Punk/Ska/Reggae
  • Metal
  • Classic Rock
  • Hip Hop (especially 90s/00s)
  • Grunge

Training Philosophy

Not every workout has to be your best ever.  Often, our “failure” comes from believing that we have to keep getting bigger/stronger/faster and it’s discouraging when you “come up short”.  So much of your success is the mental aspect of the workout, your attitude, and your commitment to being out of your comfort zone.  I want you to use exercise (no matter how intense) to stimulate your body AND your mind.

Training Style

Focus on efficient movement no matter what implements (bike, tread, weights, TRX, etc.) you are using.  Have fun, smile, and work hard.