Success Story by Kate Nazif

I found Studio SWEAT by accident, or as I like to describe it, by divine intervention. It seems only fair to give divine credit to such a life changing event.

I am the mother of three young children, and I had spent years without any real exercise program. If I’m being honest, it has been a lifetime without a real fitness plan. Over the years I would run, circuit train on my own for a few weeks and then stop when I didn’t see results. I had absolutely no consistency or accountability. And after three pregnancies within five years I was left with three amazing children and a not-so-amazing body.

I was what you might call skinny fat. I didn’t look really big, but I wasn’t in good shape. I was weak, a bit overweight, and I always joked that I still looked four months pregnant. Who knew that with Studio SWEAT I was on the brink of looking better after three kids than before!

This all began on the day that my one year old climbed up the stairs to Studio SWEAT from the swim school below. I followed him up and decided to (sheepishly) open the door.

I met with Cat, the owner, and during our first conversation, she understood where I was coming from and knew exactly what I needed. I could tell within the first two minutes of our meeting that this woman knows her stuff and knows how to get results.

I started taking spin core/spin sculpt classes a few times a week and then quickly joined the September fit camp (highly recommended!). I decided to commit myself to the program for one solid month, just to see what would happen. At the end of it I was five pounds lighter, and I had lost 2.5% body fat and a lot of inches. I also learned how to make proper food choices, which is half the battle!

This is thanks to the stellar trainers at Studio SWEAT who know what they are doing and who are truly passionate about their work. The evidence lies in the countless Studio SWEATers who have had some serious results, including me!

These licensed trainers are good people, super energetic and funny. Personally I have mostly worked with Cat, Meredith, Kim & Bethany, and they are fabulous. Cat doesn’t hire just anyone – she only hires the very best.

I’ve continued with spinning, and I join the different workouts they throw my way. For now it’s small group sessions, spin core and another fit camp coming up. Next month I’ll do something a little different to keep shaking it up, “confuse the body” and not get bored. I’m constantly setting new goals, working to exceed them and then plan to set some more. I am getting stronger and more confident each week!

I love knowing that I am working extremely hard, but that I’m having fun and results are happening! One of these unexpected results for me has been discovering myself as an athlete. At Studio SWEAT you will hear “How are you gonna finish?”, “What are you made of?”, “This one’s up to you!”, “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”, “Don’t be afraid to get dirty”, “Attitude is everything”. These aren’t just meaningless adages thrown around. For me, they frame each workout in and out of the studio. It’s pretty powerful stuff.

I have lost the pounds and inches and at the same time I have gained the extraordinary type of energy in my life that really makes me feel alive. This is the kind of energy that lives at Studio SWEAT.

There is a sense of community and an X factor here that you just need to experience for yourself. Commit yourself, trust in yourself and in a few months you too will be speaking of (and showing off!) your own Studio SWEAT victories.