Join Cat and other SWEAT trainers at 4pm on Sunday October 13th as a participant in the fun and FREE Dance Fever workout at the Fit Expo held at the San Diego Convention Center. As a willing participant you will receive a free pass to attend the Fit Expo on both Saturday October 12 and Sunday October 13th!

The Fit Expo is always a blast and if you have never been to one, this is a great opportunity to go! This family-friendly event unites thousands of fitness enthusiasts and attendees can meet fitness celebrities, discover new health and wellness products and services, have access to free fitness classes, cooking demos, witness live fitness competitions, and much more. Learn more about the Fit Expo and hours here. Hope to see you there!


SWEAT GIVES BACK – Tour De Cove Charity Ride!

Our SWEAT Gives Back initiative is ready to give back…again! And we need your help!

Join us in our efforts to support the Challenged Athletes Foundation as we participate in the Tour de Cove on October 20, 2019! The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) raises money to help people with physical challenges pursue an active lifestyle through physical fitness and athletics. Team, this is a huge event for a great cause, and they have asked our very own Cat Kom to kick off the event! That’s right, Cat will be the first instructor on stage, motivating hundreds of people as they begin a 4.5 hour cycling fund raiser. How cool is that?!?!  


We will also have teams from Studio SWEAT pedaling along with Cat and other instructors to raise money. That’s where we need your help. Please help us hit our fundraising target of $1,800 by donating whatever you can. With your donation you will provide individuals with physical challenges with ,the tools necessary to find success in sports — and in life!
You can join us by being part of a team riding at the event in La Jolla, CA on October 20th, 2019. To join a team please email There are teams of 3 we are forming. AJ will tell you more.
As always, Thank you for your support Komrades!

Super-Charged Fit Camp

Super-Charged Fit Camp

Sat Oct 5 – Wed Oct 30.


What is it?: Just think of it as a NO EXCUSES Fit Camp. I’m only taking like 16 people.

How to Sign-up: If you want a spot just email and I’ll charge your card on file and hold your spot! I’m not doing online sign-ups because I do want to make sure that anyone that wants to do the program is a good fit.

Trainer: Cat, Cat & More Cat 🙂

Days/Times: 12 workouts over ~4 weeks, Sat Oct 5 – Wed Oct 30. We will meet:

  • Monday Mornings at 530AM (I have not decided yet if I will cancel my class or get a sub for the regularly scheduled class),
  • Wednesday evenings at 6:50PM (it’s just one night, you can do it!) and
  • Saturday Mornings at 630AM (Sat. is subject to change, but this is the latest I believe we will start)

Cost: $175.  50% off that ($87.50) if you are already on the annual or unlimited plan and maintain the unlimited plan throughout all of Oct.


  • If you have to miss a training you can make it up by attending a regularly scheduled class, but it cannot be a class that is sold out and you have to get pre-approval from me please.
  • All makeups must be done during (not before or after) camp dates (Oct 5-30)
  • We will be running (but you don’t have to be a runner – we won’t do more than a couple miles at a time, and even that will be an exception, most the running will be shorter distances), we will be squatting and we will be having a BLAST!
  • No refunds. No exceptions. So be ready to commit, and I will too.
  • Use the time between now and Oct 5 to gradually build up your fitness base a little. It’s already really good so you don’t have to do this, but maybe for those that don’t run add in a jog or two per week.
  • We will add some nutrition component to this, but it will be optional to do. BUT… if you say you’re gonna do it you will be held accountable!

If you have any questions, LMK.

Let’s do this!

Drive to 25 is Back!


You asked for it and you got it. The DRIVE to TWENTY-FIVE 6 Week Fall Challenge is so… ON! All you have to do is take 25 or more Studio SWEAT classes between Oct 7 & Nov 17 to be considered a winner.

All winners will:

-Be entered in a raffle to win cool prizes, including a $100 prize!
-For every 3 classes over the 25 you take you will get your name entered an extra time. Oh, yes I did!
-Be super fit heading into Thanksgiving. NICE!

To sign-up for this FREE* challenge just write your name on the challenge board hanging up at the studio. It’s that simple!

*Cost of classes not included

Exciting NEW Classes!!!

I wanted to let you know about a couple of Studio SWEAT Class Schedule changes that take effect… now that might impact your class schedule.

  • 6:00AM & 7:00AM Saturday Spin®Sculpts will now merge into one class at 6:30AM – with Rebecca!
  • 8:00AM Sunday Spin®Sculpt– is now going to be with Jess N!
  • 9:15AM Sunday Spin®Sculpt– is now going to be back with AJ!
  • Noon Monday Spin®Sculpt– is BACK with Rebecca!
  • 5:35PM Monday Spin®Core – is BACK with Jessica N!
  • 6:00PM Monday Spin®Sculpt will now be at 6:50PM with Bethany!
Hope to see you all soon!
~Team Studio SWEAT
                                                                                                                                             Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 8.35.27 PM



 Private Nutrition Coaching

Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals with R.D. Miriam Now!

You work hard at Studio SWEAT. You push. You move. You SWEAT! That’s half the battle, and you’ve got it nailed. Now let us help you nail the second half of the battle… your nutrition!

Miriam is a licensed, experience, “practice what you preach” expert nutritionist that is committed to guiding you into making life decisions that put your health as a priority. She has a Masters in Public Health/Nutrition from Loma Linda University, and has a Registered Dietitian license. Miriam isn’t about fad dieting. She’s about lifestyle. She’s about learning.  She’s about reality!  What works for Paul does NOT necessarily work for Peter, ya know?  We use the term Personal Nutrition Coaching because it’s not a one size fits all folks.  So, get some help.  You’ve got one body…take care of it!.



How do I set up my Personal Nutrition Coaching?

It’s simple! Buy your nutritional session using the button below. Then, Miriam will contact you directly to set up your meeting time! Your initial training includes a 60 minute one on one session where Miriam will work with you to understand your needs and goals in an effort to come up with a solid plan of attack.

New Intro Offer For New Customers!

 ONLY $79!

For locals interested into becoming regulars at Studio SWEAT we offer your first class free AND a full month of unlimited classes for only $79!  This intro month must be purchased within 7 days of your first visit to Studio SWEAT.

Buy My Intro Month Now!

If you do not see it as an option it’s because you are outside of your 7 day window.

SWEAT Gift Cards!

Studio Sweat Gift Card-04

Studio Sweat Gift Card-01

Get Gift Cards You Can Print or Email!

You can choose a Gift Card  for specific items, like a 10 Pack of Classes or Choose Flat Rate Amounts Your Giftee Can Use for Any Studio SWEAT products or Services.

Meet Your Studio SWEAT Super Stars

gold-starStudio SWEAT Super Stars!                                                                    

I am so excited to begin our newest program… The “Studio SWEAT Super Stars” Are you on the list?  Find out below! We were reviewing our numbers and since we opened in 2010 we’ve led classes and trainings to over 100,000 SWEATY bodies!  We want to recognize those of you that have dropped the most drops of SWEAT so we came up with a new tier system for those of you that hit these marks:

 Certified SWEATer – 250 or more Studio SWEAT Classes or Trainings

 Bronze SWEATer – 500 or more Studio SWEAT Classes or Trainings

 Silver SWEATer – 750 or more Studio SWEAT Classes or Trainings

 Gold SWEATer – 1000 or more Studio SWEAT Classes or Trainings

Honestly, thank you guys so much for being the loyal, hard working clients that you are.  You help us keep our doors open and keep our family together and growing. Check out the list of those already officially deemed Studio SWEAT Super Stars, plus see what fun perks we have for each tier!  And, if you won a prize and have not picked it up yet please stop by the front desk to get it!

Certified SWEATer


250 or more Studio SWEAT Classes or Trainings


-Your name on our Super Stars banner &
-a SWEAT rally towel!

Bronze SWEATer


500 or more Studio SWEAT Classes or Trainings


-Your name on our Super Stars banner &
-A cool shirt!

Silver SWEATer


750 or more Studio SWEAT Classes or Trainings


-Your name on our Super Stars banner,
-Your Name on a Silver Plaque &
-An in studio Locker to store your gear in so long as supplies last!

Gold SWEATer


 1000 or more Studio SWEAT Classes or Trainings


-Your name on our Super Stars banner,
-Your Name on a GOLD Plaque,
-An in studio Locker to store your gear in &

Basinet, Liz
Bergmark, Ann
Bill, Jennifer
Blackmore, Kathryn
Blenkle, Julianne
Boyle, Kathy
Bradford, Jennifer
Brahin, Leah
Brown, Kendall
Bulkin, Nelly
Cafagna, Shannon
Campbell, Tina
Chestney, Laurel
Clay, Shaela
Coast, Michele
Cole, Rebecca
Council, Shannen
Daggett, Lorrie
Fino, Jessica
Frye, Jane
Gabriel, Jo
Gartin, Paula
Gatchalian, Meredith
Hardison, Missy
Herndon, Cate
Hurd, Alex
James, Alyson
Jensen, Lisa
Jin, Liyang “Chara”
Jurkowski, Julie
Lavin, Barbara
Leahy, Elizabeth (Elly)
Lewis, Michael
Lewis, Peggy
Long, Mary
Lopez, Michael
Loy, Kirsten
Lynch, Kimberly
Macias, Nathan
Mai, Michelle
Malka, Doron
Marino, Lara
McFarlane, Tatia
McWeeny, Kerri
Morrill, Mike
Morris, Megan
Mueller, Donna
Murphy, Megan
Nations, Deborah
Nazif, Kate
Orlansky, Shelle
Park, Yoon
Pattison, Meghan
Pellot, Kat
Pena-Brunet, Alejandra
Presley, Angela
Pruetting, Cheryl
Quintana, Trina
Raut, Neil
Reid, Tricia
Rippel, Gina
Rubio, Patricia
Sanders, Jenny
Sasaki, Lorin
Sayers, April
Schoene, Tanna
Severin, Melissa
Shihadeh, Mary
Smith, Stephanie
Sullivan, Sue
Summerour, LaShawn
Sumrall, Rebecca
Velosa, Margarita
Walters, Julia
Walton, Laura
Williams, Andrea
Winer, Bruce
Winer, Kathleen
Wintersteen, Susan
Wong, Amie
Wood, Linda
Wuchner, Kristi
Yeager, Tracy
Yutangco, Angela
Berumen, Sandra
Brady, Ruth Ann
Cafagna, Kevin
Chinnock, Molly
Connors, Jill
Garrett, Jon
Hunt, Melissa
Huntalas, Paula
Link, Joanne
Lynch, Robin
Maiorano, Joan
McLain, Francine
Modina, Audrey
Morrill, Karyn
Rattray, Kristina
Santos, Symphony
Simon, Jennifer
Slover, Peter
Vogelsang, Jessica
Wong, Christine
Zeiler, Sarah
Brady, Diana
Hahn, Krista
Ingao, Audrey
Jirari, Miriam
Kazemzadeh, Mercedeh
Lipovic, Vesna
Shea-Haney, Bree
Sit, Michelle
Slover, Stacey
Twomey, Lauri
Williams, Tyra
Calabrese, Heidi
LaRose, Brian

 *This list is as of March 31, 2017.  We will try to update it each quarter or so.  Numbers are as close as we could get, but may not be exact since we had switched software systems a couple years ago. 

*If you would like your name removed from this list please email and we will do so!

New Unlimited Classes DEALS!

We are so excited to offer you these new options to SWEAT & SAVE!


Unlimited Studio SWEAT Classes Standard Plan     $169

LET ME DO THE MATH FOR YOU.  If you take, or would like to take, on average, 3 or more classes per week, then you will likely save $ AND get awesome results and benefits with this plan.  Plus then you don’t even deal with knowing where you are with class credits.  If you know you’ll always take 2 or less per week, then it may not be the right plan for you.  

With this exciting new plan you get:

  • Start any day of the month you’d like!SpeedSpin®18 - Base Building Blocks
  • Full Month of Unlimited Classes for an individual. Yep, enjoy and benefit from any class on the class schedule with no limitations!
  • 10% off regularly priced retail merchandise
  • Unlimited Child Care for only $20 extra /mo (auto re-billed and of course, only at the times we currently offer child care services)
  • A special place in our hearts <3
  • Add a family member (must be same household) for only $130 extra/month!

Your unlimited classes begins on the date of purchase and will re-bill on the same date the following months.  There is a minimum 3 month commitment with this option, but after that it’s just month to month and you can cancel anytime!

You can drop into classes, but we recommend that you Sign-up to guarantee a spot. Classes do fill fast and we do not guarantee Unlimited Clients spots in every class they want. The same sign-up and cancellation policies for class sign-ups apply to all clients, unlimited or not.  This includes a “no show” and “late cancel” fee at the current “no show” rate being charged to your card if you no show for a class that you are signed up for.  Currently that fee is $5.

Upgrade to PREMUIM Status for an extra… ONLY $49/mo!goldstamp2

With this smokin’ deal you get:

  • Start any day of the month you’d like!
  • A Full Month of Unlimited Classes for an another family member in your household. Yep, enjoy and benefit from any class on the class schedule with no limitations!
  • A Locker you can leave your shoes (and whatever else that’ll fit) in
  • 15% off all regularly priced retail merchandise
  • Unlimited Child Care for NO extra cost (only at the times we currently offer child care services)
  • 1 Free Guest Pass Every Month! To collect this, please email when you need one. NOTE: These do NOT roll over and are for a calendar month. In other words, just one per calendar month.
  • A special place in our hearts. <3
  • Family Member in the Same Household Get Upgraded to Premium for FREE! If you add a family member for $99 to your Standard Monthly Plan they will also be considered as “Premium” as long as you share a locker. If you each want your own locker we will add the current rate for a monthly locker rental.  Please Contact if you want to add a 3rd or 4th family member.